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Information note regarding the processing of personal data
When you want to work with our company (named SC. Lite Technologies Software SRL and further known under the brand name "LiteSoftware"), you will entrust us with information about yourself or, in other words, personal data.
On this page (also known as the Privacy Policy) we want to explain our privacy practices regarding the data we collect.

Who we are?
Our identification data:
Name: SC. Lite Technologies Software
Registered office: Com Boteni, no. 551, Argeș County
Unique registration code: 42251750
No. of order in the commercial register: J03/277/2020
Email: office@litesoftware.ro
For any concerns you have regarding your personal data, which we process, you can write to us at the email address above.

The data we collect
The data we collect from you is the necessary data that we will enter into the service contract and other documents that are an integral part of it. These can be of several categories as follows:
• Identification data: name, surname, company data if applicable, gender, country, etc.
• Contact data: phone number, billing address, e-mail address;
• Financial data: bank account.
If you do not wish to provide us with this data, we may not be able to collaborate.

How do we collect personal data?
Personal data will be communicated by you by e-mail or telephone.

How do we use personal data?
Your data will be used to complete the service contract, or to maintain the services already offered, or to intervene on the systems you have already purchased from other service providers and to comply with the law.

Disclosure of data
If we make purchases on your behalf, such as: domain name for a website, or a hosting service for your website, we will transmit your data to the service provider to be able to make the invoice on your behalf.
We will provide your data to state authorities, should they request access to your personal data expressly, within the limits of the law.

Data storage
We will store your personal data for as long as necessary to fulfill the terms of our service contract, including for the purpose of satisfying any legal requirements. According to the law, customer data must be kept for 5 years after they have ended their contractual relationship.

Your rights
The right to be informed about the processing of data (it is carried out through this document)
The right of access to the data (you will receive a copy after the signed contract)
The right to delete data
The right to modify the data you have provided to us
The right to go to justice
The right to complain to the personal data supervisory authority
Changes to the privacy policy
Given that we are in a rapidly evolving niche, this document may be subject to change in the future. That's why we encourage you to check it from time to time.
The last update was made on 19.01.2023.

When you think that something is wrong with the way we process your data, you can write to us at the e-mail address office@litesoftware.ro and we will do our best to fix the problem, amicably.
You can file a complaint with the personal data supervisory authority. The link to its website is as follows: https://www.dataprotection.ro/